Flexible Interpolation with Local Proof Transformations

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Conference Paper


Bruttomesso, R.; Rollini, S.F.; Sharygina, N.; Tsitovich, A.


International Conference of Computer Aided Design (ICCAD), IEEE Computer Society, San Jose, USA (2010)


Model checking based on Craig's interpolants ultimately relies on efficient engines, such as SMT-solvers, to log proofs of unsatisfiability and to derive the desired interpolant by means of a set of algorithms known in literature. These algorithms, however, are designed for proofs that do not contain mixed predicates. In this paper we present a technique for transforming the propositional proof produced by an SMT-solver in such a way that mixed predicates are eliminated. We show a number of cases in which mixed predicates arise as a consequence of state-of-the-art solving procedures (e.g. lemma on demand, theory combination, etc.). In such cases our technique can be applied to allow the application of known interpolation algorithms. We demonstrate with a set of experiments that our approach is viable.


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